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Why choose Llanharan Concrete?

With over 50 years providing high quality concrete supplies throughout South Wales, you can count on us for the high standards that you expect. We keep our prices affordable for your benefit so that you don't need to pay through the roof to complete work on your building project.


Start your building project today with our concrete supplies in Cardiff, Bridgend or Llantrisant.

If you need concrete in Cardiff, Bridgend or Llantrisant? You've come to the right people, contact us today on

Specialists in concrete supplies

If you need a durable and affordable option for a large building project, our concrete supplies provide the perfect solution to your needs. We have a range of different blocks, slabs and bricks in our warehouse, but can also deliver directly to you.


Whether you need concrete to help build up a construction, or you're looking to lay it on the ground, let us know and we can provide you with a personalised recommendation.

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